DHS Sojourning In Spain

DHS Sojourning In Spain

By: Nicole N.

DHS Sojourning In Spain

DHS students have been given the opportunity to travel across the world.

Over April break, 15 junior and senior Spanish students and their teachers, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Aliberti, will be staying in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. They left on Wednesday, April 13, and will return to Duxbury at the end of break.

“In Spain, we will be staying with 15 and 16 year olds from Madrid. We got in contact with them through Prometour, an educational touring company, and matched them up with 15 junior and seniors from Duxbury School,” said junior Mia Q., who is going on the trip over break. “Along with the American students, and the Spanish students, we will be with Abigail Jackson and Danielle Aliberti, both Spanish teachers here at Duxbury High School.”

According to junior Meghan G., who is also joining her classmates on the trip, they will visit multiple places while they stay with their friends and teachers. She said, “We will be touring all around the city of Madrid, seeing every aspect of the Spanish life and culture there. We will also be doing a day trip to Toledo and a weekend excursion to Malaga and Granada on the last weekend before we head back home!”

Although they will be on DHS vacation, they plan to attend a Spanish school in a different language and location for the entirety of April Break. Meg said, “We will be staying right in the center of the city of Madrid, with our exchange students and their families. Our exchange students go to school right in the city, so we will most likely be taking either the bus or the train to school with them.”

Individually, they are all eager to learn more about Spain from their journey. “I would like to learn more about the history of Spain like their wars, the different queens and monarchies, and what purpose the fortresses, castles, and temples served in regards to their history,” said junior Lily D.

“I am also looking forward to sight seeing and going to Grenada and Malaga to stay over in a hotel towards the end of the trip. I am excited that we are going to see more than one province in Spain because I want to visit as many places as possible,” Lily said.

Mia, who is anticipating to learning more than just the sights and sounds of Madrid, said, “I think overall I am excited to learn more about myself personally, and grow more mature as a person. Traveling abroad forces you to have a strong sense of responsibility having to manage your finances, and be comfortable in a foreign environment and a foreign language.”

“I am extremely grateful to Duxbury High School whom have granted me the opportunity to [travel abroad], and step outside of my comfort zone in such a special way,” Mia said.

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  2. Thank you and please accept our apology for the mistake. Because this is an old article and its author is not longer with the publication, we have removed the picture.

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