What’s on your summer schedule?

What’s on your summer schedule?

By: Molly N.

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Are you looking for employment this summer?

Most local businesses already have enough applications for this summer such as Rock Paper Scissors and Happy Tails Pet Boutique. The Depot Street Market has its summer slots filled as well, but owner Sue Turley said, “The best time to inquire about jobs is late summer regarding after school dishwasher jobs in the fall.”

If students have an interest in cooking or baking, The Foodsmith is accepting applications for a couple of part time gigs this summer for counter help and catering.  Laura Raposa said what they are looking for in an employee is, “Mature high schoolers who are pleasant, have a strong work ethic, and can manage to abandon their cell phone for a few hours.”

 Dawn from Packaging Plus usually, “ Only have one helper until they graduate & go off to college and when they do I usually depend on word of mouth to get a new one”  

Word of mouth is how junior Abby L. and freshmen Julia K. got their jobs. Julias mother, “Knows a lady.” Abbys mother is “Friends with the people who own it.” Sophomore Olivia D. also learned about her job because,“My moms work was opening a juice bar downstairs so she offered to see if they needed help and then my boss texted me.”

People under sixteen years old legally can work 18 hours a week when school is in session and 40 when it is not. From sixteen to seventeen you are allowed to work 48 hours a week in Massachusetts.

Olivia D. will typically work from 7:30- 3 or 3-5 if she works after school at the Green Light which is a healthy smoothie joint. For Olivia, working during the week  “Does not really affect my school work.”

Sophomore Cal P. wants a job because,  “I need to make money so that I can pay for things. Also I won’t have anything else to do.” Sophomore Owen R. wants  a job, “To gain life skills.” There’s also the prospect of gaining responsibility from taking on something new. Kendal R. on the other hand does not want a job because, “It is very time consuming.”

If a job is not on your radar this summer and you are sixteen years or older, you might find interest in volunteering at the Standish Humane Society. If you love to be outside and want to help the Humane Society out, contact them to do some yard work.

You can find the contact information for nearly all of the businesses in Duxbury on http://www.duxburybusinessassociation.com.

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