Summer Style- Girl Code

Summer Style- Girl Code

By: Morgan R

With summer approaching, there has been a change of  attire in many of  the stores DHS students love.  Walking through  the mall , there are shorts on display left and right. Photos of models in the beloved festival outfits, and other summer styles.

I have even begun to notice my own pins on pinterest turning into what I want my summer wardrobe to resemble.  Well ,what is that exactly? It mostly consists of Boho inspired clothes such as long tunic shirts,  and flowy blouses that fall off the shoulders. Also,  who doesn’t love a pair of high waisted shorts? They have been a DHS favorite for around three years.

The weather at the moment is somewhat awkward but everyone has summer in mind.  During the nice days we have had, I have noticed adorable 70’s inspired skirts. A few examples would be the brown suede and jean button down styles.

It might be too  cold for most people to break out their  flip flops, but rainbows will always be my go to for summer casual summer sandals . Also I have found my high tops look cute with summer clothes! These also have been a DHS favorite all year.  

Stores you can easily  get to is American Eagle at the mall and at derby street shoppes  Rainbow flip flops can be found at Journeys in the Kingston Collection. . But most of the good places are all the way in Braintree. There is a variety of stores there that have all the summer trends. You can shop in cheaper stores like forever 21 , some in the middle such as Pac sun and some higher end stores. Along with those options you can also find larger stores like Nordstroms.  Also there is a larger Victoria’s secret then the one at the mall with its own PINK store.

As the countdown starts to summer don’t forget to do some summer shopping!

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