The Secret to the Craft

The Secret to the Craft
Mr.Craft enjoys one of his many books.

By Jay W.

Hailed swim coach, current event master, and economics guru, Mr. Craft does it all. For many students, it is the jokes, laughs, and smiles that make Mr. Craft’s classes so different from the rest. For other students, it is the ability to learn about history while still learning about today that they appreciate.

Current and past students have high regards for Mr. Craft. “A memorable moment was when it was the first day and he believed that we should make our own list of rules,” said junior Julia C. “He gets us to study by having us take good notes on the material.”

As for his quizzes and tests, Mr. Craft has a unique name for them. “He called them celebrations, and that made studying not as bad,” said senior Anna C. Learning in class is more than just textbook material, “I hope they learn to laugh at themselves,” said Mr. Craft. “I hope they learn that they should never stop learning.”

Along with teaching history and economics, Mr. Craft is also a swimming coach. “Teachers have to learn to motivate kids to want to know more.  As a coach, you are dealing with kids that want to be there, so you have to give them what they need to get them to the next level,” Mr. Craft said, “But they have to pursue it with 100% effort or they won’t reach their potential.”

Mr. Craft was the 2009 Boston Globe’s swimming coach of the year (among many awards), and has worked as a swimming coach for DHS for many years. Regarding sports, Mr. Craft said, “I played them all.  But then I decided to do the hardest one I knew of, swimming.  And it went well.” said Mr. Craft.

Whether educational, sports, or life-lessons, Mr. Craft continues to make significant impacts on the memories of students. “One class he made us all get up and learn the Charleston dance, that was good” said Anna, “He threw up a video and said we would all have homework if we didn’t do it,” “Mr. Craft is always right,” said senior Cal H. “Mr. Craft says he will say whatever he wants,” said Julia.

“In college (Mr. Craft graduated from Syracuse University) I learned that I like making information easy to understand and I enjoy conveying it.  And I like seeing the kids’ faces when it finally makes sense,” he said.

Being a teacher in high school can be a challenge. However, Mr. Craft believes, “As long as you know how to talk to kids and you know your stuff and you care about what you are doing, it will all work out.”


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