DHS: Singing Their Hearts Out

DHS: Singing Their Hearts Out
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Duxbury Idol’s “Remix” logo.

By: Nicole N.

On May 14th, thirteen talented singers from DHS will be competing in Duxbury Idol.

The annual event will take place inside the Duxbury Preforming Arts Center from 7pm to 10:30pm. During Duxbury Idol, the audience participates in multiple voting rounds after contestant performances. There will also be enter-to-win prizes available, such as gift cards to local hot spots and more. Tickets are being sold on DuxburyMusic.org and at the door for $10 per person.

For some contestants, Duxbury Idol will be an opportunity to gain experience. “I am really excited. I have never done a solo performance so this will be an awesome opportunity!” said contestant Dani B., a passionate singer. “On stage I will sing, move around and be smiling the entire time! I am a very happy person when I sing. I light up as my mom tells me!”

For other contestants, Dux Idol has held a special place in their hearts since childhood. “I wanted to do Duxbury Idol because I have been coming to the shows ever since I was little. This year I felt like I had enough confidence to actually do it,” said contestant Alicia J. She will be performing “Catch Me” by Demi Lovato and will be happy to see previous Duxbury Idol winners sing again. “I am really looking forward to seeing last years winners perform during the intermissions.”

As the singers move on round after round, they will be one step closer to claiming the prize for Dux Idol. Dani said, “There is a prize I believe, I think flowers and a trophy. Of course the title of Dux Idol Winner too!” According to the Duxbury Idol website, each winner will also get one recording session at MDI studios.

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