Students on a Mission

Students on a Mission

By: Sophie P.

BeFunky Collage copySt. John’s Church’s annual mission trip is a tradition for students to travel to New Orleans and volunteer their work in the community. “My favorite part was getting to help all of the people and see how much they appreciated our help,” said sophomore Hadley W. For many students this is the best time of the year.

The trip is usually held over April vacation and is offered to student’s grades nine to twelve.

Going on the trip is a way for many students to give back to the community. “I wanted to go on the trip because I love helping people who need it most… [I’m] interested in going to New Orleans to see what I can do to help,” said senior Jennah M. During the trip, students provide relief by rebuilding homes, churches, and schools as well as other community projects within the city.

For students, the trip provides a new perspective on life outside of Duxbury. “It has really opened my eyes to what’s out there. In Duxbury we are practically shielded by a bubble so traveling to New Orleans gave me a completely different perspective on the world,” said junior Olivia N. New Orleans is over 1500 miles away from Duxbury.

Many heard about the trip through friends and family. “My family’s been pretty active at St. John’s throughout the years,” said freshman Cammack S. “I’ve been able to see many kids go through the missions program.”

Really, helping people in need is what the Mission Trip is all about. Senior Lydia B. said, “The trip is incredibly rewarding; being able to meet the people of New Orleans and help them physically and emotionally is amazing. We worked hard … and [it] felt good making a difference for people who have been through hard times.”



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