Warriors vs Cavaliers II

Warriors vs Cavaliers II

By: Peter G.

So we’re at this point once again. The NBA season is winding down and there is only one more series of games to be played. Two teams will clash for a few weeks and then one of those teams will come out on top. One player will be name NBA Finals MVP and one team will drive through their city with a trophy over their head. Only one team will win.

Last year that team was the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors had a historic season that ended in victory in game 6 of the finals in Cleveland beating the Cavaliers. Steph Curry took home the NBA MVP trophy and the Finals MVP trophy and Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes looked very strong.

As for Cleveland, It was another Cleveland season.

The Cavs of last year really struggled early but eventually they were able to recover and finish the regular season very strong. Kevin Love took a season ending injury in the first round of the playoffs but the Cavs were still able power through the rest of the Eastern Conference. In game 1 of the finals Cleveland played an unbelievable game but lost another star in Kyrie Irving. Everyone counted them out but they came back ferociously and one the next two games. Eventually the injuries and fatigue caught up with them and the Cavs fell in game 6.

This year is different though, for both teams.

The Warriors had the one of the greatest seasons ever breaking numerous records finishing the regular season 73-9. They rolled through to the Western Conference Finals to face the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors were on the brink of defeat down 3-1 in the series, but they were able to come back and head to the NBA Finals.

The Cavaliers had another great season and dismantled each team in the Eastern Conference on their way to the NBA finals. Lebron took over again and the Cavs are in for the rematch.

One massive difference from this year and last year is the presence of a healthy Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving add so much to the Cavs that you have to mention them when talking about the finals rematch.

So, here is my prediction for the 2016 NBA Finals: Warriors vs Cavaliers II

Game 1: Very close, Warriors pull away at the end (1-0 Warriors)

Game 2: Cavaliers steal a game in the bay area and tie the series (1-1 series tied)

Game 3: Cavaliers win a close game 3 (2-1 Cavs)

Game 4: Klay shoots the lights out of the gym; Warriors win (2-2 series tied)

Game 5: Klay Thompson stays hot and Lebron can’t shoot (3-2 Warriors)

Game 6: Lebron bonces back in a huge perfromence (3-3 series tied)

Game 7: Kyrie shuts down Steph in closing minutes, Cavs win (4-3 Cavs)


Also if you’re looking for a great hype tape for the finals this year, check this bad boy out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HwojruR6qk


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