iPhone 7 Stirs Controversy

iPhone 7 Stirs Controversy

iphone-7By: Rebecca J.

Three weeks ago, Apple revealed their newest smartphone, the iPhone 7.

This iPhone has many new innovative features, however, some favorited features were removed to allow for these. Mainly, the headphone jack was removed to make room for other improvements such as water-resistance and a better camera. Apple is now facing some positive and more negative feedback regarding these changes in the iPhone. The students and staff at Duxbury High School had mixed emotions toward the new product.

Mr. Hagan of the technology department said, “The headphone jack removal was Apple’s belief that people would want some other features that would be better served by getting rid of it. People are so adverse to change when change is what is constantly happening in the universe, you can’t get away from it. It’s your resistance to change which is causing all the angst.” In Mr. Hagan’s experience “working with all the staff in the new building, ” he said “with all the different connections, ” having the USBC port integrated universally, would make life easier.

In light of the headphone jack removal, Apple has invented “air pods,” :wireless headphones that connect to your iPhone. This means that now there is one singular port used for charging which some believe it creates more obstacles for multi-tasking. “I like to listen to music and charge my phone at the same time, but I can’t do that with the iPhone 7 so it’s kinda disappointing,” said sophomore Cammack S.

Another major change is the new water resistant design. Senior Mallory P. said, “ I love the waterproof feature and the no headphone jack is pretty cool, but, if the wireless headphones are expensive that might be a burden on people.” More students have expressed their opinions of the new additions and subtractions.“The headphone jack removal is pointless, it’s just a scheme to make more money, you’re forced to buy their pricy air pod headphones, ” said junior Kristian C.

Some students are rejecting this iPhone all together because of this significant alteration. Senior Tyler G. said, “Music is very important to me, the removal of the headphone jack is the sole factor preventing me from upgrading. ”

Apple also decided to integrate a faster processor to elevate the performance of the phone. Senior Jake H. said, “ The new iPhone is a lot faster, slimmer, and it’s hip right now..” Looking at another significant update, senior Ari S. said, “ I really like the new camera because it looks better and [is] more clear. The Samsung Galaxy also has [a] great camera, so it is competitive with the iPhone 7.”

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