Brigadoon Brings Drama

Brigadoon Brings Drama

By Ella R. screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-11-35-56-am

, this year’s musical, has brought both controversy and excitement among the senior thespians. While many are enthusiastic over the classical selection, others were skeptical regarding the 1940s show written by Alan Jay Lerner and composed by Frederick Loewe.

Brigadoon is the story of an enchanted Scottish village that, in order to preserve itself from industrialization, only appears once every one hundred years. The story has a dramatic, romantic, and comedic plot line and focuses on the difference between the theme of simplicity versus evolution.

Senior Rose M. said, They don’t like it [Brigadoon] because it is not a very well known musical, they would rather do something well known like The Little Mermaid or Anything Goes.” The sentiment was echoed by senior Mei M., who said “[Brigadoon] show that not many people know about so many people are skeptical about how it is going to turn out.”

Some students were unsure of whether the older musical would be as successful as the more contemporary musical last year, Into the Woods. Senior Mikayla Z. said, “A lot of people are kind of not happy about the musical choice because they think the musical is not poppy enough.”

Others feel that the show demonstrates the school’s ability to put on a large variety of musicals that showcase the different aspects of the students’ talent. Vocal music director Mr. Judge said, “Brigadoon is a classic that provides exciting opportunities for students; it has a large ensemble, and lots of great lead roles and solo roles in the chorus.”

Therefore, some drama students are relishing in the opportunity to audition. Said senior Jordan L., “The Duxbury music program is giving students a wonderful opportunity to take part in a great show, and by not participating they are not taking advantage of that opportunity. Personally, whether I am cast as a member of the ensemble or Tommy Albright (the main character), I will perform to my highest abilities.

Many students are looking forward to the play.  Sophomore Mairead K. said, “I am really excited to see Brigadoon, I heard that it is really good and I have also heard that they work on it for a really long time. I have heard good things.” Even though most students have never heard of of Brigadoon, many are still eager to support their classmate. Said junior Sophie M., “I don’t know much about Brigadoon, but I am really excited to see all of the seniors and actors in the musical.”

Auditions will be held October 4th and 5th. Mr Judge said, “Brigadoon is going to be a great combined production between the drama and music departments, it is also a great opportunity to get involved.”

Photo credit to Principal Stephens, the photo is of the cast of Into the Woods.

This video is a brief summary of the plot of Brigadoon

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