Dux-Drought Overcooks Lawns

Dux-Drought Overcooks Lawns


Photo on 9-28-16 at 3.42 PM #2.jpgThis Autumn, people on the South Shore are hoping for enough rain to end the drought, because one or two days worth of it doesn’t seem to be enough. In Massachusetts, the areas that have the heaviest water ban are Plymouth, The Upper South Shore Region, Cape Ann, and Central Mass, according to MassDEP Bureau of resource production, and the Water Management Program. These areas are allowed one day of outdoor water usage a week. Duxbury is allowed outdoor watering every other day, but many are wondering it will worsen due to Duxbury’s large population of residents on well water.


“It doesn’t really affect me, I don’t have well water.” Said sophomore, Ryan J. and many others are saying, but Duxbury, and a group of other towns, are in a unique situation where a large population of residents have well water.


Waleed Z. from Weymouth Said, “My lawn is burnt to a crisp, with the lack of moistness keeping my yard green.” Weymouth is one of many towns that is only allowed watering, one day a week, differing from Duxbury’s watering every other day.


With fall rolling around, it is looking like the South Shore may get some rain, but will it be enough? “Sometimes, our family doesn’t even water the lawn once a week, to keep the well from running dry” Said junior, Sid P. Many people are looking to preserve well water in any way they can. A drought in this part of the country is a somewhat rare occasion, according to Sandy B. of Boston.


senior Avery J. said “Our family doesn’t use well water, but we try and preserve water in general.” Again, it’s looking like many residents aren’t affected, but there is still groups of areas that are. Lawns are still yellow at this point in time, and they won’t be turning green soon with winter rolling around.
“I wouldn’t water my lawn this time of year anyways, considering the snow will just cover it in a matter of months.” Said Christopher B.


Drought Slide-Show: https://docs.google.com/a/duxbury.k12.ma.us/presentation/d/1mPU8Vkf3AGT–upBY5vt6F6U5lozwxFgZLqDE1kbr6o/edit?usp=sharing

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