DuxFock vs. DuxSoc- Painting the Hill in Controversy

DuxFock vs. DuxSoc- Painting the Hill in Controversy

By: Brooke S

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Every September Duxbury Soccer and Duxbury Field Hockey fight to paint the hill.  As the 2016-2017 school year kicked off, so did fall sports and rivalries.

Among those fall sports are girls soccer and field hockey, two successful and popular sports the high school offers.

Every year the two teams carry out traditions.

A member of girls varsity soccer, junior Devon S. said, “Every year Duxbury soccer would paint the hill before their first game, but then field hockey began painting the hill after us so the tradition wasn’t for just Duxbury soccer anymore.” Junior Keely Smith then said “we thought it would be a fun thing to do to kick off the season”.

During the first few weeks of school and practices, new tensions came about involving the hill painting.  

Junior Keely S. said, “We originally wrote ‘#WP’ to mean ‘Win Patriot’ but then it was interpreted that it meant We’re Prettier which started all sorts of tensions and boys soccer then followed up with ‘Weird Brag’.”

Although this may be viewed as just pettiness and friendly competition between the two teams, word started to spread around campus about the true meaning of the hill painting.  Senior Andrew Q. said, “I personally think the writing on the hill is pretty funny and I like the fact that the boys soccer team came in and wrote Weird Brag on the field hockey teams #WP.”      

Despite any tensions that arose from this long time tradition, in the end the rift was forgotten and the teams focused on what was really important: their strive to a state title.  

“Despite the tensions I hope both teams make it far and I am excited to go to games and support them both” said senior Clare M.

Schiller also said, “We’re all friends and any tension that was created at the beginning of the season is nonexistent now and it was a stupid thing that happened.”

As principal, Mr. Stevens, says “Thirty-three sports, one team.”

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