North Attleboro to Duxbury: Vice Principal Scozzaro

North Attleboro to Duxbury: Vice Principal Scozzaro

img_4633Duxbury High School has a new assistant principal. Joseph Scozzaro, from North Attleborough, has come to DHS for the 2016-17 school year. Mr. Scozzaro was previously a vice principal at North Attleborough High School, and before that Newton South High School. Scozzaro said.

Having also met others during his application process he said, “I had a chance to meet Mr. Stephens before and I felt like we kind of clicked; we have a lot in common as teachers I came to Duxbury High School because of the people at Duxbury High School.”

As for becoming a vice principal Scozzaro said, “When you’re a teacher, you get to know a lot of students and you get to know teachers in your department, but it’s very hard to become friends with colleagues in other departments.” Becoming an administrator was the next step for Scozzaro he said “When I really thought about it, I loved teaching because of the interaction with students.” One of his colleagues, a science teacher with whom he had a very close relationship, became House Master at Newton South High School. Scozzaro said, “I would always ask him, you know, what’s it like to be an administrator?” However, he admits being a vice principal is a change from teaching. “You don’t come in contact with the same number of students (being an administrator); at least on a deeper level,” said Scozzaro.

The “superficial level,” as he calls it, is the kind of relationship he has with many students, referring to many who only come down to the office because they have to. “We’re not the people who you come and see because you’re sent here, we want you to come here if you need help with something or if you want to help,” said Scozzaro.

One unique thing about Mr. Scozzaro is that he lived in Italy for three years. “When I was in my early twenties, I had this teaching job, and I had this crazy idea to move to Europe.” After consulting his school’s principal, who happened to have been his seventh grade science teacher, he was even more convinced. “I kinda went in there, hoping he would talk some sense into me, but you know what he said to me? He said ‘You should do it.’” Scozzaro lived in Italy for three years, it being, “a fantastic experience.” There, he met his wife.

Principal Scozzaro might be a new member of Duxbury High School, but he has been welcomed by students and staff alike. He is looking forward to this upcoming school year and is excited to get to know DHS.


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