By: Molly N.

Wednesday September 21st was the date of The town of Duxbury’s last F.A.C.T.S. meeting.

The meeting is open to the public and meets monthly at Alden school in room 104.

The mission of the meetings as seen on the F.A.C.T.S. website is, “To cultivate a community that supports and advocates for a healthy lifestyle, seeks to reduce alcohol and drug use and fosters mental wellness, primarily among youth and young adults, in an environment that is positive, inclusive and non-judgmental.”

The two co-chairs Catherine Cullen & Sue Bradford began the meeting by asking everyone to join them in a three-minute mindful meditation.

Following that were introductions were they introduced themselves. Everyone in the room was then asked to introduce themselves and share why they attended the meeting.

A member of the Duxbury police department Andrew Homestead then took the spotlight and gave a presentation on the program the Duxbury police joined on this past July 1st. The program is called “Project Outreach” It is a regional program.

He proceeded to hand out two brochures to the whole room.

One was regarding ‘Substance use disorder and crisis’ which contained resources for those who need them regarding substance use disorder and crisis resources.

Here is the brochure: 

The other brochure was regarding drug overdose and addiction information:

After his informational presentation, the group then split into sub-committees.

A few of the committees included: mental health and substance abuse and social norming.

The mental health and substance abuse committee distributed their own information card as well with information on outside support groups for those in need:

The FACTS meetings are open to the public and meets monthly at Alden school in room 104. The next meeting is Tuesday October 18th at three thirty if you’re interested.

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