Kanye West on Racist Halloween Costumes

Kanye West on Racist Halloween Costumes

Hip-Hop artist and Celebrity in general, Kanye West spoke about Racism.

The topic of discussion was halloween costumes about a year ago, but the topic was brought up again, this October. The conversation was started by an Alabama Elementary school teacher, who dressed up as Kanye for halloween, along with his wife who had dressed up as Kim Kardashian. The costume was mostly appropriate, but lines were crossed when the Elementary school teacher darkened his skin color to change his appearance.

Sophomore Jack M. Said, “I just can’t believe that guy could be so unaware of who he would offend.”

A Photo of the teacher and his wife, in costume, was later uploaded to the internet. Multiple news sources have stated that Kanye mentions that the costume was offensive because of the teacher’s use of Blackface. Blackface was something that happened in the 1830s where white people would paint their faces black, and mock black people.

Kanye went on to say that he believes white people should not dress up as black people in pop-culture for halloween.

Sophomore Jon V. Said: “I think everyone should wear what they want to, as long as they don’t use blackface.”

A YouGov/Huffington Post poll last year found that 60% of white Americans feel that you should be able to wear whatever you want on Halloween, blackface included.

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