TV Takes Over DHS

TV Takes Over DHS
Season 7 Walking Dead Promo via twitter @WalkingDead_AMC

With fall in full flight, many hit television series are returning with new seasons. The three most popular answers from students on favorite fall dramas were, “The Walking Dead,” “The 100”, and “American Horror Story”. With the much anticipated “Walking Dead” returning Sunday October 23rd with it’s seventh season, it is all the rage in the halls of DHS.

Senior Aidan C said, “With every season premiere of “The Walking Dead”, it’s like having your birthday and Christmas combined into one hour of just pure glory.”

Aidan wasn’t the only one excited for the show’s return, Senior Nate S said, “I’m stoked, I’ve been planning this night for months now.”

The show The Walking Dead is about a police officer, Andrew Lincoln, who gets shot in the line of duty and awakens from a coma only to find the world dominated by the literal walking dead. The hit series got a whopping 90% Rotten Tomato rating, bar none, and the season seven premier has all the hype in the drama world.

Other popular drama series are “American Horror Story” and “The 100”. “American Horror Story” is currently midseason and is drawing rave reviews. One student, Junior Drew V said, “Wednesday is my favorite night of the week because I get to cuddle up with some veggie chips, unwind, and indulge in one of the craziest, most out there shows on television.”

A survey online about why we as Americans love the show so much revealed a list of ten reasons.

Lastly, “The 100” is wildly popular amongst High Schoolers. It is a show where a nuclear catastrophe destroys civilization on Earth, the only survivors are those on the twelve international space stations in orbit at that time.

Many students are enthralled with this show, including Senior Tim N. He said, “The 100 is the greatest show currently on television, I honestly just wish I could be part of the cast because I love it so much.”

“The 100” is currently in between it’s third and fourth seasons. The fourth season is in production as we speak and will be returning early 2017, no exact release date.

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