Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

Earlier this October, the definition of literature was redefined when Artist Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The 75-Year old is the first American to win the award since 1993, and is the first Musician to win the award in history. The Swedish Academy, the people that give the awards, say he won the award “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

Although Dylan won’t physically receive the award until December 10th, in Stockholm, Sweden, the Swedish Academy has been upset that Dylan still has yet to respond to the Academy.

In response to his silence, one academy member has called Dylan, “Impolite and Arrogant”. But, the Academy has also stated that it has not given up, and is still trying to contact Dylan about the Award.

Poet Amy King Wrote, “Great literature is not easily consumed like pop songs that rhyme” on PEN America’s Website. Amy went on to say that maybe Dylan is doing a good thing, not accepting the award. Pop songs that are catchy, and rhyme aren’t always great pieces of literature.

Rick A, a part-time musician said; “I Don’t think Bob should have won the award, there’s a big line between writing a pop song and writing actual literature.” Some people seem to think that music and literature should remain separated concepts.

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