Duxbury Art Complex Museum Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Duxbury Art Complex Museum Celebrates 45th Anniversary

By: Lizzy Creamer

Duxbury Art Complex Museum will be celebrating its 45th year sharing different cultures and works of art with its South Shore Patrons. The Museum was originally co-founded in 1968 by Edith and Carl Weyerhaeuser, who decided to display their own personal collections for all to admire.

The Museum’s grand opening was in June of 1971 with Ture Bengtz chosen to be the Museum Director. After Bengtz unfortunately passed away in November of 1973, Charles Weyerhaeuser, Carl and Edith Weyerhaeuser’s son, took over as director and has been ever since.

The museum’s founding was inspired by Edith who wanted to keep the family collection together, and the idea to build a museum to display the collection was hatched. “Dad had a wonderful collection, and my mother realized it’d be wonderful to keep it together as time rolled on. So she was the inspiration really for having the museum,” Charlie said.

The complex includes a gallery titled the Rotations Gallery, with its permanent collection separated into four areas – Shaker objects, Works on Paper, American paintings and Asian art. The collection rotates through each of its sections for all to see throughout the year. Only after the general public expressed interest in the permanent collection was a permanent gallery reserved for the collection.

The rotating of the collection was inspired by the Weyerhaeuser’s children who often helped their parents reorganize the artwork around the house. Charlie said, “Mother would come home and wonder where stuff had disappeared to, and Dad had changed things over. We had a room down in the basement where we stored his collection and he had a lot of fun with it. We are very appreciative to have it now.”

In addition to the permanent collection the museum offers programs such as Tea ceremonies, music, additional works of art, and other presentations throughout the year.

Duxbury third graders have an annual field trip to the Complex for a Japanese tea ceremony and a lesson in scroll making as an introduction to Japanese culture. The museum also has a cozy library that is open to the public for in-house use of the books. Visit the museum website’s Collections page to learn more about the collection and other exhibitions. 

To celebrate the museum’s 45th anniversary year there are quite a few things in store, including a renovation to the Japanese Tea Garden, various artists’ demos to be displayed, and a film highlighting the museum’s achievements and contributions to the community will soon be released.

This past summer an exhibition was held to commemorate the 45th year of sharing art and cultures with the locals. Artists being who were at the time being displayed in the gallery were asked to invite their favorite artists, who had never been previously displayed in the museum, to come see the gallery.

A new night photography exhibit was also introduced this year. Photos were taken with long exposures in order to capture the beauty the night has to offer. Photographers Jürgen Lobert and Lisa Ryan will be teaching a night photographers workshop at the complex on Friday November 4th, 5:00PM-8:00PM. Learn more about this workshop and other classes offered on the museum website’s Workshops and Classes page. 

Go check out the Eclatant Trio performing at the Duxbury Art Complex Museum this coming Sunday, October 29th. The museum’s regular hours are Wednesday-Sunday 1PM-4PM.

Visitors can also look forward to meeting the wonderful Dottie Collins who most graciously arranged this interview with Director Charlie Weyerhaeuser.

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