Staying in Shape Out of Season

Staying in Shape Out of Season

by Hailey B.

Featured image courtesy of Marilyn Quilty

Now that the term is ending, most DHS students are looking forward to kicking back and recharging. But student athletes consider exercise a part of their relaxation routine.  

Despite fall sports like soccer and field hockey coming to an end, athletes still like to stay in shape. Out of season, they don’t hit the gym as often, but continue to exercise because of the noticeable effects on their wellness. Senior Grace P. said, “I’m definitely more lethargic when I don’t exercise as much.”  

Most DHS students playing a fall sport exercise between nine and fifteen hours a week during the season. After football ends, senior Aidan C. still exercises, but “not that much.”  

Students find that even though they want to get outside or into an exercise class, it is difficult to stay motivated. Senior, Mati F.,  said, “Out of season I try and run as much as I can, but the motivation factor is real tough- getting out there on the roads by yourself.” Mati prefers running, while others like to try popular alternatives- yoga, zumba, and weight-lifting.

After volleyball season is over, sophomore Emma S. likes more of the same. “I do club volleyball,” she said.

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