Ceramics at Duxbury High School

Ceramics at Duxbury High School

Ceramics is a popular elective for many at Duxbury High School. One of the many art classes offered, ceramics is popular because of the hands-on-experience it gives students. Takers of the course can make anything from mugs to plates to bowls. Former ceramics teacher Ms. Murray says, “Students in my class have complete 100% creative freedom. It is encouraged for students to consider how to make a personal connection within the given technique that is being practiced.”

Ms. Murray is an art teacher who has enjoyed teaching the ceramics course in the past. “I enjoy teaching ceramics for many reasons. I love seeing students enjoy discovering what they can do with a material such as clay and how they can produce pleasing useful works to enjoy beyond their time in the course” said Ms. Murray. “It is most rewarding to see a student become absorbed in their process and the satisfaction they get to see a piece completed…”

A big reason ceramics is a popular class for many, has to do with palpability. Ms. Field, who teaches ceramics next semester said, “Students spend a lot of time with digital devices…to get your hands on something for a change, like clay, changes how you learn” and “ It’s a completely different way to create things.” Essentially, the best part of ceramics is getting your hands dirty. Ms. Murray says, “Students enjoy being in a studio environment and to make things with their hands! …students’ learn how to embellish and make meaning to their forms with techniques such as carving, stamping, added relief, and sgraffito!”

While students are free to make anything they want in the class, ceramics has also collaborated with the community. Last year, the class made “Birdhouse” Sculptures and “Illuminated Forms” for the DuxMonument Parade. The pieces were seen in the school as well as in town as part of the “Public Art Collaboration.” “Seeing the pieces out at local businesses and at the Senior Center brought a lot of pleasure to people of all ages” Ms. Murray said. All in all, ceramics is a class enjoyed by upperclassmen and underclassmen alike.



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