Cubs Prevail in Long Awaited World Series, Update

Cubs Prevail in Long Awaited World Series, Update


October 25, 2016 marked the first time since 1945, 71 years, that the World Series would return to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. The Cub’s are looking to erase their 108 year drought without a World Series Championship, which they last won in the year 1908.

The Cubs making it back to the World Series and potentially winning it is truly a great story, and possibly one of the last true, American sports stories left in the history of American sports. Chicago was one of the first eight teams established in major league history, established back in the year 1876.

The Cubs are historically known as the laughing stock of Major League Baseball and one of the least successful franchises over the last century. The club holds the longest world series championship drought in MLB history sitting at 108 seasons and counting. 

Sophomore, Will C said “I can’t say that I can recall a point in my lifetime in which I have been jealous of the Cubs until now.”

Ironically they are playing the franchise with the second longest active championship drought in the majors, The Cleveland Indians who sit at 68 seasons and counting. Though either team winning the 2016 Series would be historic, most of the publicity of this year’s World Series has been in favor of the Cubs. The Cubs are the far more historic team as they have been around since the first year of the league’s history and have not won in generations and generations.

Some say that the teams continuing streak of losing seasons and back luck, year in and year out to the curse of Merkle’s Boner, put upon the team after the 1908 season.

Merkle’s Boner refers to the notorious base running error committed by then, rookie Fred Merkle of the New York Giants in a game against the Chicago Cubs in 1908.

Merkle failed to advance to second base on what should have been a game-winning hit led instead to a forceout at second and a tied game thus leading to a makeup game.

The Cubs would later go on to win the makeup game, proving to be the decisive factor in the series as they beat the Giants by one game to take the 1908 National League Pennant. It has been described to this day as the most controversial game in baseball history.

It has been a long lasting tale that due to the infamous base running error by Fred Merkle in 1908. The Cubs skated by to the World Series that year and were not supposed have made it that far if it weren’t the makeup game that they won, causing the “baseball gods” to have placed a curse on the team ever since for cheating destiny and making to the World Series eventually winning it in 1908.

Senior, Matt C said “The City, and people of Chicago deserve this and have waited more than enough time to return to the big stage.”

All this adds to the team, and city’s everlasting drama, high expectations and pressure surrounding the team over the last century. Every season, playoff run, and opportunity to finally win the coveted, expected World Series Championship in the city of Chicago.

Let’s just hope this time Steve Bartman isn’t at any games.


If you don’t know the Bartman incident WATCH HERE:

UPDATE: Cubs win 8-7 in a winner take all, ten inning thriller, Game 7.

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