Senior Class Plays: A Dramatic Tradition

Senior Class Plays: A Dramatic Tradition


By: Rebecca Jones

The second oldest drama production at DHS, the Senior Class Plays, is an enthusiastic experience for the senior class to perform together. In September, every senior has the opportunity to audition for a role in one of 3 comedic plays. This years productions includes 14 More Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview, directed by Julia R. and Amanda L. , Law & Order: Fairy Tale Unit, directed by Sarah G. and Alicia J. , and Harry’s Hotter at Twilight, directed by Grace G. and Jenna S. Each play consists of leads, medium-roles, and the ensemble.

The plays are a unique experience for seniors to interact with others outside of their normal group of friends. Senior director Sarah G. said, “The Senior Class Plays are a really cool tradition that promotes senior class bonding, as well as allowing seniors who have never acted before to get involved. ” Furthermore, many seniors have expressed that they enjoy this group atmosphere. Senior Claire B. said, “ It’s cool to do this with people you haven’t really hung out with in a while.”

Tying into this year’s theme, “Define your Legacy” , some students expressed what the plays mean to them.  Senior Austin D. said, “ I think it shows that our class really wants to be apart of not only our school but our last year together. ” Some seniors opted to not participate but are very encouraging of those involved. “ Everyone should go out there and give it their all, it’s the last hooray”, said senior Grace H. Senior Maya G. who is participating said, “ I think it’s so cool that our grade is working together, senior class plays allows you to meet people you don’t normally get to.”

This year, the Senior Class Plays have received the most participation in the history of the program. “ It has moved from what use to be a group of core drama seniors doing a full length play to now an evening of shorter works, which allows a lot more students to participate in the plays. This years senior class has set a new bar. They now hold the record for participation, we had over 120 seniors audition for the plays and we have 112 cast members”, said Drama Department Director, Mr. MacFarlane. Cast member, senior Grace D. said, “ It means a lot to our grade, it shows our school spirit and the sense of community we have as a class.”

The rehearsals began in early october and the final production is on December 9th and 10th. Drama Director, Mr. MacFarlane said, “In the last year two years, we held the plays in the presentation Hall. However, because of space limitations in the occupancy, we are going to hold these senior class plays in the performing arts center.” Looking forward to this year’s performance, senior Carson H. said, “I think it will be really good. Since we have the largest amount of kids, I’m really hoping we can all get together and put on this great show. It’s fun we’re doing it together because it’s one of the last things we can do as a class.”

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