Looking Back on Spirit Week 2016

Looking Back on Spirit Week 2016

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Duxbury High School students showed their school spirit during Spirit Week.

Spirit Week this year, which began on October 3rd, consisted of Army vs. Navy Day, America Day, Pop Culture Day, Class Day, and Decades Day. Students had mixed emotions based on one of the most highly anticipated weeks of the school year.

Several students voiced their likes and dislikes concerning Spirit Week, and there were many similarities within the feedback. A common response from students had to do with the new Army vs. Navy day. Junior Will B. said, “I disliked the Army vs. Navy day because we got rid of a classic Tacky Tourist Day for no reason.” Similarly, sophomore Julia B. said, “I liked the teacher flash mob, but I disliked Navy Vs. Army Day.”

Students frequently voiced that the reasoning behind this was because of the removal of Tacky Tourist Day, which they wish had been brought back. The Army Vs. Navy day seemed not to be a hit this year, and in order to make Spirit Week even better, students hope for a new day to be in place of it next year.

Additionally, students criticized the idea of a large portion of students not dressing up for Spirit Week, which affected the amount of spirit present. Sophomore Emily M. said, “I don’t like how some people don’t dress up because half of my grade didn’t dress up and half of them did.”  Also, junior Jill M. said, “I didn’t like how some people don’t dress up for every day because I feel like it doesn’t really show their school spirit.” Students advocated for everyone to dress up and go all out for Spirit Week, as it makes it more enjoyable for the rest of the students dressing up.

On a more positive note, senior Eamon R. praised the week, saying, “I thought there was a lot of spirit, it was just a lot of fun throughout the week.” Despite the few criticisms that students had about Spirit Week, all could agree that the week was successful and a good time, as usual. Let’s hope next year’s Spirit Week is even better!

Photos from Mr. Stephens’ Twitter and Mr. Donovan’s Twitter

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