Fall Festival of Plays Review

Fall Festival of Plays Review

By Lizzy Creamer

img_9831Duxbury Drama’s Fall Festival of Plays took its audience by storm with its heartwarming, comical, and tragic skits. Aside from a few technical hiccups, the plays were well executed and taught important moral lessons.

The Junior Class play, “The Dancers” directed by senior Jenna S. and Jeff Macfarlane, followed awkward teens Horace (Sean O.) and Mary-Catherine (Mo M.) as they came together and out of their shells with a few romantic slow-dances.

img_9832I practically died laughing when stuck up Emily Crews’ (Hadley W.) mother Elizabeth Crews (Corryn C.) screeched loud enough to break glass, enraged at her daugher embarrassing her in front of her friends. The play ended with Horace and Mary-Catherine attending the dance together, Horace finally coming out of his shell.

The freshman class play, “Gary Grinkle’s Battles With Wrinkles and Other Troubles in Mudgeville” was directed by Grace G. and Suzanne Ducharme.

Martin A. Marvin (Charlie F.) moves to Mudgeville, the gloomy town where no one goes outside and nothing happens. One day Martin finds a seed and chases it around as it floats through town. Four narrators tell the tale in a style very similar to that of Dr. Seuss, and their bickering makes for an entertaining play.

Final Scene of #Viral

Last but not least the sophomore class play “#Viral” directed by Amanda L. and Darin MacFarlane was a thrilling tale about cyberbullying. A group of friends bullied their ring leader by shaving her head, stripping her to her undergarments, and posting a picture of her online. The play consists of each girl telling her side and going on their own moral journey. Characters in somewhat creepy morphsuits harassed the audience, jingling keys, slithering around on the floor to represent how what you post in the internet will always be there, hiding in the shadows.


Photos by Lizzy Creamer

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