Trump to Triumph

Trump to Triumph

djtchild__previewDonald Trump stands with a young supporter

By: Rebecca Jones

After a long fought campaign for presidency, Republican candidate Donald J. Trump claimed victory on November 9th. The polls were very close but towards the end, Trump came up from behind to win the race. Many students are indifferent about the nation’s nomination, while others are embracing a new person in charge. I spoke with senior Abby M. who said, “I think it’ll be good, we’ve had 8 years of the same president. I think it’s time for a change”.

Other students claimed that they would’ve liked a different outcome, and gave some reasoning as to what influenced this decision. Senior Julia L. said, “I know that Trump won and that makes me upset because I feel like this was an election for the white males of the country.” Another factor may have been the lack of strong support for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Senior Matt C. said, “ I don’t like Hillary, but I would have prefered her over Trump any day”.

This election has officially come to a close, and the future could go one of two ways. Sophomore Connor M. said, “If Trump acts like he did the last two weeks of the campaign, when he watched what he said and was fairly respectable, then I think the next four years will be ok. If he acts how he did in the beginning, then the next four years will be a mess”.

Picture taken from Donald Trump’s Campaign Website

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