Back to School for Senior Citizens

Back to School for Senior Citizens

By: Lizzy Creamer

On Friday, November 18th Duxbury High School will be hosting eleven Duxbury senior citizens in what is being called “Senior Back to School Day.”


Student Council President and coordinator of this event Emily M. explained, “Initially my purpose for launching the activity was to allow for seniors citizens to come into our new school and see how amazing it is. As well, I want them to observe how education and teaching methods have changed since they were in school.”

The seniors will be spending time in class shadowing student council members for about one hour and then doing other activities in the school.

Students are allowed to spend the day with their senior companion, but have the option to attend their regular classes instead. The seniors after school activities include attending a music class, taking a tour of the new building, watch a robotics demonstration, enjoy a delicious meal provided by breadboard, and finally view a teacher led presentation on how technology has changed in our school throughout the year.

Emily said, “The Senior Center stated how they are doing this for the purpose to show how important technology is, as soon there will be a vote to add a technology addition onto the Duxbury Senior Center, and they would like the seniors to see how important technology is.”

Hopefully, the seniors will receive a warm welcome from the students of DHS and learn a thing or two about technology.

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