New Clubs!

New Clubs!

By: Brooke S.

DHS has welcomed a few new clubs to the school- two of which are the Entrepreneur and the Investment Club.

Sophia D, a junior who started the entrepreneur club said, “It’s a club me and Tyler R started with our advisors being Mr. Craft, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Pondaco who is also helping us out.” Sophia then followed up and said, “Basically what we’re trying to do is bring people together who have interests in business, business skills, aspects of business”.

Sophia is the owner of “Tie-Dye by Phia.”  When asked about her business Sophia said,“I hand tie dye shirts and other articles of clothing and sell them around town and online at Etsy,”

Check out Sophia’s Etsy:

Tyler R. talked about the club as well saying, “Basically I just wanted it to be a club where people that have their own business or are interested in business can come, meet up, and collaborate, share ideas.”

Tyler produces his own music and also runs his own clothing business. The apparel goes along with his music brand.

Check out Tyler’s stuff:

Another new club to join DHS this year is Investment Club. Drew V. and Tiernan M. started the club with the advisor Ms. Radzik.

One of the club members, Eliza E, said, “We’re all basically on a website and it’s sort of like a virtual game where you are given $100,000 to invest in whatever stocks we want and we learn how to sell and buy stocks” sharing what you do when you are apart of the club.

Molly R., another member adds, “I think it teaches everyone about what’s in the real world, stock market wise and making investments when you’re older. Its great, great idea, great club.”

DHS is glad to welcome more and more clubs each year.


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