Samsung’s “Hot” New Product

Samsung’s “Hot” New Product

Samsung’s “Hot” New Product

By Fletcher Donohoe

The release of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 has brought little explosions into the homes of it’s buyers. Phones started blowing up while on the charger, or otherwise, and are actually very dangerous.

“About the exploding note 7 all I know is that there is a recall due to the battery overheating and catching on fire. That is all I know.” Said sophomore Griffen H. The reason for the explosions is indeed the battery. Inside the phone is a Lithium-ion battery, which contains a very flammable liquid inside. That liquid is then ignited it the battery short-circuits, which in turn causes the phone rapidly heat up and explode.

The Galaxy Note 7 is not where it ends.

Some searching around will produce some more Samsung tech that is less than appealing. According to Gizmodo, Samsung also pulled off this stunt “the company recalled 2.8 million washing machines because of safety and injury issues.” At this rate, Samsung could put on a fairly spectacular Fourth of July celebration.

And it seems to be going downhill from here.

Gizmodo also reported on yet another Samsung device exploding. In this event in Pau, France “The phone then caught fire and the back blew off.” This smartphone was the Samsung J5, which until now was widely considered safe since its release in April of 201img_3210

Yes, it can get worse. reported on someone in Canada with a faulty Galaxy S7, that exploded in his hands and caused severe burns. This man said he felt “warmness” in his pocket, and when he picked up the phone it exploded. 

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