Trump Takes America

Trump Takes America

Many people were shocked when Donald Trump became the Republican Party nominee in May. Even more were shocked when he won the presidential race against Clinton in November. Trump, a former businessman, has based his campaign off of the saying, “Make America Great Again” and gained many supporters. Though Trump won the election, not everyone agrees with his proposed policies.

Trump has talked about many controversial issues such as immigration, LGBT rights, and education. His propositions include suspending immigration from certain countries, repealing the Obamacare Act, and much more. Many of his policies have caused many people to worry about the future of America. Sophomore Margot A. said, “I fear that he’s going to overturn Row vs. Wave, which would take away people’s rights, and that he’s going to try to evict all non-white races from America.”

Similarly, Senior Connor H. said, “I disagree with Donald Trump on almost every issue, but I do respect how hard he worked to become president.” Donald Trump was formerly a  businessman who announced his plan to run for president in June of 2015. His campaign method attracted many followers as well as the fact that he was not formerly a politician. However, his approach to politics doesn’t appeal to everyone. Senior Grace H. said, “I think Donald Trump wining the election is depressing. His win reflects how little respect voters have for the people around them or even themselves. People don’t recognize the bigger problem of a president running our country that does not support nor appreciate the majority of people here.”

Trump’s future presidency is also seen as harmful because of his disregard for certain issues. “I am concerned with the fact that Donald Trump does not believe Climate Change is caused by human activity”, said Senior Connor H. Also, DHS sociology/history teacher Mr. Kennedy said, “I find that some of the things he said in his campaign demonstrated a lack of character, and I find it very interesting that now, several days after the election, he is going back on some of those things (that he has said in his campaign). He said that he was going to repeal Obamacare, and now it seems like he’s changing his mind on that.”

Overall, this past presidential election has left our country divided. Much of this is due to who people voted for in the presidential election. The first job many think of for the new president is uniting the country. “I think that he has a lot of work to do. I personally believe that unity is the best thing for this country, and I think that if he can be a unifier, then he’ll be very successful”, said DHS psychology/history teacher Mr. Mael.

Despite all the negative surrounding Trump’s election, some do see the good that could potentially come out of it. “I do like what he’s saying about trade, and I think that the US does lose a lot of money every year on some of these trade deals. I think that if he wants to renegotiate these, then that would be a good thing” said Mr. Mael. As for the country as a whole, sophomore Margot A. says, “I think that he might help the country go back together because people will realize how awful of a person he is.”

Trumps election also shows Americans that their vote counts. “I would hope that he would ignite in people the desire to get out and vote, because the election was so close. I think some people right now might be regretting that they didn’t vote. Secondly, I think that with the protests that we’re seeing this week, I think that reinforces that fact that people need to participate in the process. To go out and protest now, that’s not going to change the results” said Mr. Kennedy. Trump won the electoral vote by fifty-eight votes against Hillary Clinton in the presidential election this past November, making him the president-elect of the United States.

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