Senior Citizens at DHS (Follow Up)

Senior Citizens at DHS (Follow Up)

On Friday, November 18th, DHS hosted “Senior Back to School Day.”

It was put together by Student Council President, Emily M.. A group of 12 or so seniors came from the Senior Center, and arrived at DHS around 9:00 in the morning to observe classes. During their visit, the seniors each shadowed a student, and got to tour the building, and talk to teachers and students.

Former High School Teacher and Aunt of Emily Murray, Elanor, Said: “It’s interesting to see how there are no books, it’s all digital.” She Came to see the New Technology, and how the school has changed since she taught here. She also noted how it seems that laptops replacing books, and that the new high school seems much larger to her than the one she used to teach at.

The seniors also participated in after school activities, that gave them a better understanding of the technology used at DHS, such as the robotics demonstration. The seniors also got a chance to have lunch in the staff dining room.

Overall, the seniors had a good time visiting Duxbury High School and learning about the new technology. Emily M. did a wonderful job, helping to coordinate the event, and the Duxbury Senior Center thanks her.

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