The Return of Dux Swim

The Return of Dux Swim

By: Kacey D.

As the new winter sports seasons approach, that means the start of the swimming season at Duxbury High School. As it is one of the most popular and fun-filled sports at the high school, several returning swimmers voiced their thoughts and hopes for the new season that will begin very soon.

Junior Caroline M. spoke of the success of the swimming team, “We usually do pretty well… I think we were almost undefeated last season, so we did pretty good.”

Also, junior Brianna C. said, “We have some good freshmen coming, and the junior and senior classes are really strong.”

In addition, junior Kerry P. voiced her thoughts on the social dynamic of the team, “I’m excited about the team because we’re all really close and there’s a lot of good people on it.”

Similarly, junior Sarah C. said, “We make a lot of good friendships on the team and I am excited to see all the girls.”

The first practice for girls swimming begins on Monday, November 28th at 3:15 at Percy Walker pool, and 4:15 for boys, if interested. img_5939

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