Celebrities Take On Trump at AMAS

Celebrities Take On Trump at AMAS

By Daniel F.

At the American Music Awards (AMAS) many celebrities took on Donald Trump. A lot of celebrities have voiced their frustration since Trump won the election.

Punk rock band Green Day took on Trump during their performance of their new single. About two minutes into “Bang, Bang” they started to chant, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” Junior Brennan G. said, “I thought they were expressing how they felt in, I think, in the wrong way. They could have started something very violent if it went wrong.”

Green Day have been known to speak out about politics. Their hit album, American Idiot, is very anti-government. The chant was also a shock to the network ABC.

Green Day Takes On Trump

One of the co-hosts, Gigi Hadid, did an impersonation of Melania Trump.

Compared to Green Day, many people have called the model out for her impression, saying that it was racist and that she shouldn’t focus on Melania Trump. For example, Meghan McCain from Fox News tweeted, “.@GiGiHadid’s mother has an incredibly thick accent herself, so I especially don’t get the low brow, cheap digs at our new first lady.” She has since apologized for the impression.

Gigi Hadid Melania Trump Impression

Other celebrities that took on Trump include co-host Jay Pharoah, who did a Trump impression, Mark Cuban, and Idina Menzel.

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