DHS Students Weigh in on Winter Essentials

DHS Students Weigh in on Winter Essentials

By Hailey B.

Now that it’s December, DHS students are facing bitter temperatures once again. Students also fear the return of the icy pathway to school, and are struggling to find their balance. Senior Abby L. said, “I literally slipped four times on the walk over. The parking lot is full of black ice spots… It isn’t as bad as ‘the Trail of Tears’ [what we had sophomore year], but the new coating put on the sidewalks makes it slippery…”

Temperatures are expected to be lower than usual this season according to weather.com.

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Students and Faculty commented on their must-haves for surviving the winter.

Many students rely on remote car starters, or key FOBs. Key FOBs are remotes that turn on your car from outside the vehicle. They are extremely useful for New England winters when the car door is frozen and the engine won’t start.

The most obvious essential for DHS Students as well as adults during the winter is coffee. Town favorites are Gunther’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Uncommon Grounds, and Coffee Shack.

“A good pair of socks goes a long way!” said Abby L. Meanwhile, Junior Chris B. relies on his skis for exercise and fun.

French teacher Madame Glass said, “Le Chapstick.” Many other students agreed that it is essential to have Chapstick, Blistex, or Aquaphor during the school day.

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