Opinion: Is the School too Big?

Opinion: Is the School too Big?

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Is the School too Big?

By: Fletcher D.

Duxbury High school has many achievements to boast of. Being named the 196th best High school in the country, the tenth best High school in the state of Massachusetts, and winning many sports competitions, to name a few. Duxbury High School also received a new location in 2014. Along with the new location, it also gained area.

After two years, how has the transition to a bigger school been going?

The whole school harbors the Middle School on one side, and the High School on the other side. In the High School, student’s classes can be arranged in any order, regarding the floors. For example, a student could have one class on the first floor, the next on the third floor, and the third on the first floor again.

The largest part of the school is Main Street, where everything feeds out. There is where you have to walk to breadboard, the cafeteria, the presentation hall, the gym, the music sector, and the other places/offices that make up the school.

The high school wing is divided into three hallways on each of the three floors. There are only a handful of classes that deviate from this area (like gym and music classes).

As you could probably imagine, going up and down four flights of stairs in a sea of students trying to get to class within four minutes could get annoying. When asked if the stairs are in fact irritating, sophomore Jack D. said, “I think there is just too many [stairs] there’s like sixty stairs between the first and third floor. Its ridiculous. Especially when you are carrying a heavy backpack full of textbooks.”

“The only problem is there are three floors of stairs, and the third floor is the hardest to get to,” said sophomore Teddy S. The stairs could prove especially difficult during passing time, when there are over 1,000 students going to their next class.

Teddy S. also said “A lot of times I’ll have to go from the first floor to the third floor and it’s just crazy because your legs are tired”

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