Brady’s Lesson in Sportsmanship

Brady’s Lesson in Sportsmanship

By: Kacey D.


Tom Brady lost his cool last Monday night during the Patriots’ face off with the Baltimore Ravens. Brady launched a pass to Julian Edelman for the first down, yet when Edelman missed the drill of a pass, Brady quickly lost his mind.

Tensions were clearly high as the Patriots were playing one of their rival teams. This one missed pass led Brady to throw a fit on the field, tossing his hands in the air in anger. In addition to this, Tom chucked a water cup on the side of the field, clearly still in fury after the failed play.

The way Brady handled himself in response to his teammate’s mistake raises a great point about sportsmanship, one which is clearly important here at Duxbury High. Junior Maggie K. said, “I think that it was rude of Tom Brady to get so mad because everyone makes mistakes and you obviously can’t catch every pass. I think a lot of people have poor sportsmanship and need to be kinder and not make such a big deal out of little mistakes that anyone could make.”

In addition, junior George R., who plays football himself, said, “I don’t really know why Tom yelled at Edelman because that just kind of ruins the team chemistry. You don’t want teammates yelling at each other because it doesn’t help anyone and it makes the game harder to play when you don’t have the chemistry of your teammates.”

Students at Duxbury High can take away a great lesson of sportsmanship and respectful treatment of teammates from Tom Brady’s slip in character Monday night. As junior Tiernan M. said, “Fighting with teammates creates awkward situations for the future.”


Watch the video of Brady throwing a water cup here.

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