Duxbury Football: A Season for The Books

Duxbury Football: A Season for The Books

This year, the Duxbury High School Football Team led a victorious season, walking away with the State Championship title. “ It was really a fairytale season”, said Coach Maimaron. The team spent countless hours practicing over the course of nearly four months. Week after week, the team trained almost every day to collectively reach their goal of making it to the state championship.

Whether it be on the turf, in the weight room, or watching film, the team was always surrounded by each other. As the team worked together, the bond between teammates expanded both on and off the field. “Our chemistry as a team got better with each game and practice. Everyone was very dedicated and worked very hard towards our goal”, said sophomore James D.

Coach Maimaron said, “ I think they really came together as a team. I believe all true championship teams have to bond and work together or else you won’t reach your full potential. This group was hanging around with each other 24/7, rooting for each other, and all they wanted was to get wins for the team.”

Many students recognized the hard work the team put in this year. Junior Alex K. said, “I was very impressed with the team as a whole, I think they worked really well together to win the championship.” Senior cheer captain Abby M. said, “As a cheerleader, you get so close with the team, you get to support them and be on the sidelines with them the whole time. It was a great experience to watch them come this far over the past four years. ” The seniors worked especially hard, as they had the responsibility of leading the team to triumph.

“Everyone, as much fun as we had, was very serious when needed and everyone led by example” said senior Aiden C. The younger players truly looked up to the seniors as aspiring figures. Sophomore James D. said,“ The seniors were overall great leaders, they really helped the younger kids and were great role models.”

Fans who watched the team progress over their high school years, were very proud of the team. Senior Emily M. said, “It was clear that the hard work the boys had put it not only this year but the past four years really payed off.”

With support from peers, teachers, parents, and coaches, the team had a large fan group to cheer them on throughout the season. “ It was great to see the camaraderie and the family that the team creates” said senior Emily M. The whole community was there to congratulate their success after the team’s big win against Shrewsbury at Gillette.

This was Duxbury High School’s fifth state championship, and the team is looking forward to hopefully more in the future. “ I think our expectation for each season is to win another Super Bowl and I don’t think that will change for next year”, said sophomore James F.

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