Editorial: School Changes: From A Junior and A Senior

Editorial: School Changes: From A Junior and A Senior


By: Molly Norton and Alex Knies

As editors we don’t get to write as much. We edit. Hence the name: editors. But we decided to start a new type of article on the Dragon Flyer- editorials. These pieces are our opinions and should not be taken as facts. Our personal thoughts and experiences make up this article.  Alex’s words are on the left, and Molly’s are on the right.

Us seniors are the final grade to have been in that old high school. Out of all the classes, I think the class of 2017 went through the most change.

I remember being a freshman in the old building. It always smelt like mold and a hint of a dirty gym sock. The internet was weak and the chunky white laptops took 10 minutes to just log in. All of our work was done on paper. Instead of having access to global databases and e-books, we had to carry around our textbooks and search for Mark Twain in the library. I think my back suffered the most- those textbooks were heavy.

There is a lot from freshman year that I would like to forget, do not get me wrong. But a lot of my great high school memories began in that old building.


taken from @DuxburyHS on twitter: great turnout for our girls varsity team!

I entered my freshman year into a brand new school. Not the comfortable building I spent countless hours watching my sisters’ basketball games. In a way, it was easier. No one knew where anything was, so the freshmen were no longer the fish out of water. Now that I am a junior I get to look back on my comical thoughts about how high school would be for me.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.45.30 PM.png

I grew up with three older sisters, two of which were in high school way before me. One was a freshmen when the other was a junior. Back then, grade didn’t determine the level of harassment you received. They seemed above all the high school drama. They were better than that.

When I got to high school, things were not as I expected. My closest sister in age was a junior at the time. Nothing was the same as I had hoped. The upperclassmen were the worst. I remember freshmen getting called out, made fun of, and bullied because of things they did on their own time. They used school to their advantage to get back at people that they did not like and ridicule them for living their life.

The school was foreign, and on top of that we were forced into a jungle of teenage jealousy and insecurity.

Times change, of course. Out with the Blackberries and in with the iPhones. These laptops we’ve been given have completely 360-ed how I write and study. Technology can make learning easier. Quizlet saves lives! If you have a question for a peer or teacher, you can email them and receive a response in minutes. I used to have to hunt for a classmates home phone number and call just to ask a quick question.

But with this new digital education comes a lot of worries for me, and for other seniors. Personally, I’m a traditionalist. I’m totally fine with not having my phone for a day or two, which cannot be said for a lot of DHS students. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and skyping, and the dog filter on Snapchat. There are just times I don’t need to be staring at a screen.BaF1hMAIgAARu71.jpg

@DuxburyHS: senior lip synch

Another new aspect of the new school was that they wanted us to make “new traditions.” The common thought amongst the students was, “WHY?!” The kids who had been in the old school did not want to change any of the long held traditions.  

Like I said, I’m a traditionalist. I loved the atmosphere of the old building, rust and all. It felt welcoming. Art work was on every corner and projects always on display. It felt like the teachers were proud of what we made. And now, I see no paintings. No painter suits. Everything feels pretty bland.

And of course the famous change that breadboard was no longer available to juniors, no longer had enough seating, and the glorious snack shack existed no more.

Where juniors were not allowed to paint their painter suits for spirit week. But instead they got it extended to a full week. The walls were bare and dull. Three years later the art classes are able to create and hang up beautiful art all around the school.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 12.43.39 PM.pngOne drastic change I have noticed in my four years here is in the hallway. Freshman year, passing time was a chance to say “hey!” or shove a friend into a locker. The hallway was always so loud from the seniors shouting for their friends. Now, it is almost silent. A lot of us look down at our phones to text, or just to avoid eye-contact. No locker shoving whatsoever.

Sometimes taking a break from our phones is a chance to just breath. Oddly enough, turning our phones off can turn our mind on. So next time you are walking to World History, maybe stop taking snaps and say hey.

Here I am, second term of junior year. Over the course of my high school career, many things have changed. Only now I realize that making new traditions allowed us to shape our new school. I feel as though we have come a long way since my freshman year, but there is always room for improvement. Want a change? Make it happen!


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