Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles

By: Brooke S

As generations cycle through, there seems to be things that become more popular than others, one of those being healthy lifestyles.

Anyone that babysits for a young family can agree that when you open their fridge, it’s filled with organic juices, non-dairy products and an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

This certain lifestyle has become a commonality with the spread of dietary changes like veganism and vegetarianism.  This has led to the significant rise in health food shops popping up in almost every town.

In Duxbury alone, there are two healthy living stores, The Greenlight and The Foodsmith. Ironically, both are located next to ice cream shops.

Along with the popularity of eating healthy, fitness has become a top priority for a lot of young adults. Gyms are now filled with a majority of teens, as most of our generation is interested in staying fit.

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