Opinion: Lunch Schedule Change

Opinion: Lunch Schedule Change

As semester two begins, everyone is de-stressing now that mid-years are over. And now students are changing classes, and lunches? Yes, the lunch schedule has now changed and there are mixed feelings about it among students. 

Here’s what the new schedule looks like:


Some major changes include science, now having fourth lunch instead of first. PE and music also now have first lunch.

Sophomore Luke K. Said “I don’t like having first lunch before gym because then you have to run around with food in your stomach.” Some seem to think that maybe lat lunch would fit with P.E. better. Having a variety of lunches throughout your schedule is always nice. Although fourth lunch seems to be the least liked lunch, because of it being the longest waited.

Music has had fourth lunch for a while now, so this seems to be a change for the better in that area. Most classes however will still have the same lunches. Overall, the schedule change is no big deal to most. But it is hard to deny that it can be more difficult to concentrate when you’re hungry, which is why last lunch, and sometimes third lunch can be a struggle.

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