Recap and Thoughts on Stress Less Week

Recap and Thoughts on Stress Less Week

By Daniel F.

Stress Less Week happened from January 23rd to the 27th. It consisted of five unique days.

Mindful Monday focused on how important mindfulness is. It was also a ‘pajama day’ for faculty and students. School psychologist Mrs. Ryan said, ‘The point of the whole week is to raise the awareness level of the students about what is stress and how it affects them in their day-to-day life.”

On Treat Yourself Tuesday snacks were given out in breadboard and during lunch. There was also music playing in the cafeteria.

Wellness Wednesday was about healthy foods. Raisins were given out during lunch. School psychologists Mrs. Nemzer said, ‘We had Mrs. O’Brien, who was really helpful with getting all the snacks out to you guys.”

A yoga class was held on Tranquil Thursday. Stress balls were also available and calming music was played. Mrs. Ryan said, “I think there were close to 40 students who participated and there was a lot of interest there.”

Fun Friday was the most popular day. Therapy dogs were out on Main Street during lunch. Sophomore Alex B. said, “Even though I didn’t get to pet one, I felt that it was fun and was a good end to the whole week.”

Most students didn’t like how Stress Less Week was during the week when midterm grades were given out. Sophomore Heath M. said, “[I thought] it was a little bit more stressful because we got our midterm results back.” Mrs. Ryan said, “We’re certainly open to ideas of what people think might be a good time to have it.”
Mrs. Ryan said, “The volunteers that came in with their dogs said they could come in for another time.”

Full interview with Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Nemzer

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