DHS Music Takes on Disney

DHS Music Takes on Disney

IMG_5752By: Brooke S.

This week, The Duxbury High School Music Program will be escaping the cold to sunny Florida for a Disney trip.

The much anticipated trip is planned every 4 years at DHS.

Referring to what goes on when down at Disney, the head of the music program Mr. Madru said, “All musicians have a three hour workshop where they make a Disney video with their own music playing in the background. The students also experience a stage performance, where they are playing large crowds.”  

He then added, “They say it is like performing for the world,” due to diverse crowds that attend Disney World.

Senior Maddie F said, “We’ve been practicing the pieces we’re performing for a long time”, and Junior Cal P added “It’s a great opportunity for us to perform in a new location, especially Disney, having it be the happiest place on earth”.

The planning for the trip began last May, as fundraising needed to be done. Sophomore Lila S said, “I sold candles with a group of people to help raise some money”.

According to Mr. Madru, this year’s group that will be travelling is the largest out of all the past years.  The kids have a lot of flexibility to visit the parks, go on rides, and visit each other while at the hotel.

Students going on the trip are excited for many of the amenities Disney has to offer including Splash Mountain, Harry Potter World, Space Mountain and many more.  Junior Justin W said “I’m very excited to try out all of the rides”.

When asked about what he loves most about the trip, Mr. Madru responded with “Well, I can definitely eat very well down there, you can go up to any food stand in the parks and you will most likely find something you would want”

As the trip’s departure date is nearing, excitement among the students and staff is at its peak.

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