Humans of DHS: Scott Stone

Humans of DHS: Scott Stone


By: MEC Club

Name: Scott Stone

Occupation: Custodian

I started working in a small agricultural farm in East Bridgewater. I was supposed to work there one day, but I worked there ten years. I remember one year we had a windstorm, and it had wiped out the entire fully blossomed apple trees. In the fall, we planted back all the apple trees. From the time you planted it as a seed and you had to weave and water the plant and it grew, it became something. That was rewarding. You kind of lose track of time. There were no cell phones, and I didn’t have a watch. Time just stood still.

You know what farming really taught me? It really taught me to work hard. That is what has held true to me through my life.

If you like it why did you leave after ten years?

Why did it end? Well, it kind of downsized to the point where my boss didn’t need my help anymore. My father said you gotta get a job that can benefit. On a farm, you don’t get health insurance.

Now, my primary goal as a custodian here is to provide a clean, safe learning environment.

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