Disney World: A Musical Experience

Disney World: A Musical Experience

By: Rebecca Jones

On March 24th, Duxbury High School’s music groups departed for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Nearly five hundred musicians from Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, stayed at the All Star Music Resort for four nights. This quadrennial trip encompassed much excitement, thrilling rides, and musical experiences. “It was really fun because practically everyone I knew was on the trip and it was such a great experience for all the music groups”, said junior Ellen W.

For students, their musical obligations consisted of a performance, workshop, and watching two other group’s concerts. Aside from those obligations, students had the freedom to roam around the parks as they wished. Sophomore Graham M. said, “I thought that we had a lot of free time which as really good, I wish we had one more day but I’m happy with what I got.”

The first day in Disney, Duxbury all traveled together to Universal Studios which was new this year.  Most students enjoyed the rides and other attraction at Universal Studios. Senior Grace B. said, “I personally liked universal because of the Harry Potter World theme parks. My favorite ride was inside of the castle because you get to see the intricate details of the castle while riding.”

After Saturday, the next three days were purely for Disney Park exploration. The main parks are Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Sophomore Graham M. said, “My favorite park was Magic Kingdom because space mountain is a really cool ride and they have the people mover.” Junior Kristian C. said, “My favorite park would probably be Hollywood studios because it has the Rock n Roller coaster.”

Food was a touchy subject for most, as some could care less while other enjoyed their meals. Every night, students would be given a dining card that had a value of $28. Junior Hannah H. said, “I wish we had more money on the meal cards but overall the food wasn’t bad.” Other didn’t care too much for the food, but sought out better restaurants. “The food is nothing great but its food. I had food in Italy at Epcot which was a little better than most of the other parks.” said senior Jeff S. “Some of the food was kinda ok but some had really good food so I tried to find those.” said band teacher Mr. Schmetterer.

As the trip continued, students were quickly plagued by exhaustion after enduring long days with minimal sleep. Chaperones and Music teachers were also sleep deprived as they kept orderliness after curfew each night. Also, hopping around each of the parks was time consuming and fatiguing. Grace B. said, “Definitely getting to each park was difficult and tiring each day, because we had to take a bus and then walk very far to get to each of the rides.”

The final leg of the trip was the flight back to Duxbury. Unfortunately, three out of four flights were delayed, causing lots of frustration and irritation. “Getting there was pretty smooth but coming back was a little rougher since the flights and busses were delayed”, said band teacher Mr. Schmetterer. Despite the travel interruptions, most were sad to leave Florida behind. Junior Kristian C. said, “I miss the weather the most.”

Overall, the trip was yet again another success, even with a larger group of students attending. Orchestra teacher Mr. Tatarka said, “We were very proud of how all four hundred and seventy four students behaved, and made all of their concerts and workshops on time.” Based on this positive experience, this trip is expected to continue every four years.

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