Duxbury Residents’ Rwandan School Service Work

Duxbury Residents’ Rwandan School Service Work

By Lizzy Creamer

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Picture of their Flyer

Duxbury Residents Mr. Mike and Penny Herlihy came to speak to Mrs. Glass’s AP French class last friday and discussed the school they volunteer for in Rwanda. They said that they got turned onto the service work when visiting their daughter in Africa on her year abroad, and they decided that they wanted to spend their retirement in service.

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Picture of their flyer

They connected with St Charles Lwanga Secondary School in Rwanda, and they sponsor multiple students’ tuition a year which allows the education they deserve. The school has 879 students and twenty classrooms, and mainly focus on Biology/Chemistry, Social sciences, and Primary teachers training. It was founded 50 years ago.

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Picture of their flyer

Mike and Penny visit the school for 4-6 weeks each year to help out in any way they can, and one year they were even able to bring thirteen microscopes from the old DHS to the school for the students.

Since the school lacks an internet connection, and most of the teachers don’t have an education beyond high school, the school introduced the Rachel technology. Rachel is a server that connects with computers and while connected provides hundreds of lessons on a variety of subjects.

To learn more or sponsor a student’s tuition and education, visit their website at http://www.byimana-school.com/Byimanaschool/Home.html.


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