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It is up to YOU

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By: Molly Norton and Fletcher Donohoe

The mystery of Duxbury High Schools recycling procedures has been unanswered until now.

Junior class president, Caroline M. even doubts that DHS does saying, “No. That’s a fact.” In regards to recycling, “All of the recycling goes straight into the trash. We talk about it at student council meetings.”

The question is now answered: The blue recycling bins in the student classrooms are the student’s responsibility


The president of student council’s executive board, Emily Murray, said that questions about recycling at DHS were raised at a meeting earlier this year by a general member. A general member is anyone who attends the meetings from school and do not hold any specific position on the council.

Murray had seen janitors throwing away recycling and she regarded the general members input as, “A serious problem.” She then went to the janitorial office to discuss the issue in question: Are we recycling the content of the blue bins?

It was clear that collecting and keeping the recycling separate from the trash along with the janitorial staffs other duties, was too much, according to Murray.

Although, it seems that some janitors do make the effort to keep the recyclables separate. Mike of DHS’s janitorial staff said, “We empty the classroom [bins] into the bigger bins that are in every section of the school.”

Murray then got permission to take recycling within our classrooms into her own hands by creating a signup genius to ensure that the materials in every blue bin made it to the recycling dumpster.


Mike also said, “[The janitors] wheel the bigger bins down, and we dump them in the recycling.” These bins are located on the third floor at the top of two stairwells and are where students who sign up on the student councils sign up genius will empty the blue bins into.

Principal Andrew Stephens noted that our school does do a good job with recycling but  “The kids are the difference between an ok job and a great job.”

On the topic of student council emptying the recycling Mike said, “I have not idea about that, I’ve never seen anybody but us do it. Nobody.”

As of now Lila J., a junior at DHS, is the only one who has ever signed up for a shift. That was on November 21st 2016.

Good for you, Lila!

We have a job to so, so sign up here:

Visit this link to find the procedures.

While this is a huge step in the right direction Stephens also said, “If there is somebody who can come up with an idea of how to get something consistently occurring and if there’s a way to mobilize staff and students around consistent recycling, I want to help in whatever way I can.”

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