Plymouth Area Collabortive (PAC) Students; The Unspoken Heroes of Recycling

Plymouth Area Collabortive (PAC) Students; The Unspoken Heroes of Recycling


By; Mike Coletti, Kacey Decker, and Lia Stapinski

The Plymouth Area Collaborative students, also known as the PAC students, do their part and recycle at DHS. They help the school out in multiple ways. From breaking down the cardboard boxes in the mornings, to then making hundreds of cookies and stocking the shelves with healthy snacks each day before lunch begins.

All of this takes place in the cafeteria from around 9:30-11:00 in the morning. These students help the lunch ladies with breaking down boxes in the cafeteria every day.

The students then proceed to put the boxes on a table outside of the cafeteria or in a recycling bin in the kitchen, which then are transported into the recycling bins outside of the cafe.

In addition, the lunch ladies at DHS also do their job and recycle. Dawn, one of the lunch ladies, said, “I put them [cardboard boxes] in the recycling bins in here…. Or out back. We do put them in the bins in here ourselves. And then the janitors come in and take the material in the green bins outside into the big recycling bin.”

All of this speeds up the repetitive process of the school’s recycling. Their value to the custodians and lunch ladies are huge as they help tackle daunting tasks like preparing each day’s lunch food and transfer the recycling into the dumpster out back.

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