Spring Sports Training at DHS

Spring Sports Training at DHS

Spring sports training has begun at DHS and athletes from a range of sports are trying to keep in shape by training. Though the actual season starts March 20th, the training room has already become a populous place.

“There’s a line out the door for sports tape after school almost every day.” says Trainer Tim McPhillips. Mr. McPhillips is a certified athletic trainer.

The training room is up to date with high-tech equipment as well. The room has everything including ultrasound, laser light therapy, electrical stimulation, game ready (Intermittent compression with cold) and more.

The room also includes other therapy equipment such as balance boards, medicine balls, a stationary bike, a hydrocollator (for heat packs), and other exercise equipment.

Technology seems to have really made things easier. Now, there’s even an online test for those recovering from concussions to test how bad the concussion is, or what areas of the brain are affected. ImPACT is one test similar to this.

Sophomore Ryan J. said, “I always see people go in there for sports tape, but i’ve never actually been inside.”

The training room is open to athletes from all sports whether for injury, or just sports tape.

And as the spring sports season kicks off, players from all different sports are getting in shape.

“I usually run a few miles almost every weekend.” says junior Josh C.

“I’ve been ride my bike around town a lot especially since the weather warmed up” Said sophomore Chris V.

“I go for a jog through the woods once or twice a week.” Said sophomore Tim C.

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