A Slice of DHS: The Library

A Slice of DHS: The Library

By: Jillian H., Rebecca J., and Ben A.

In the transition from the old school to new, the library too underwent a great transformation. The library, which serves both middle school and high school students, is an impressive space with many resources and functions the average student may not even be aware of.

In the center of the library lies the nonfiction section. The fiction sections for both schools are kept separate against the back walls due to differences in content. The three librarians, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Potash, and Mrs. Miller are all passionate in their work and enjoy connecting with students from 6th through 12th grade.

“We have the most amazing staff, Mrs. Potash and Mrs. Miller are amazing and have a great rapport with the [students],” said Mrs. Allen. “We have amazing resources, and we have been very lucky so far that we have been able to spend some money on resources, and we have a great online presence as well as print material. There’s a lot to be excited about in the library.”

All three librarians encourage reading as well as help students find information and learn to apply it in and out of school. The library promotes and serves many purposes. Allen said, for instance, the Early Morning Book Club consists of a “small, but dedicated” group of teachers and students willing to read just about anything they can get their hands on.

During iLab, middle schools students may also elect to participate during “Maker’s Space,” a recent trend in libraries that consists of free time dedicated to experimenting with technology digital and physical.

“It’s been really interesting to see how they love to do things with their hands,” Mrs. Allen said. “One of the things that has really surprised me is that the kids stay away from the technology-based things I offer them, they like the old-fashioned, hands-on stuff. It’s almost like a break from technology.”

In harmony with this, 8th grader Devin R. said, “Maker’s Space is our own recess. It’s kinda annoying to do technology all day long.” James S., also an 8th grader, said, “It’s a nice, space and it has a nice view for when we are working on projects. It’s kinda like a distraction from the day.”

The library and Mrs. Allen are active on Twitter and believe it has been beneficial. Mrs. Allen, who is behind @Duxlibrary02332, said, “I tweet about events that are happening, new books, something I’ve just read. I also retweet things that are related to books or research.”

Many students wonder about the purpose of the conference room and the decision to not let students print during the day. To this, Mrs. Allen said both issues are in the purview of administration. The conference room is used as extra meeting space and the printing rules are enforced to discourage last minute completion of assignments.

Click 2015-2016 Library Annual Report – Sheet1 to see the library’s statistics on visitors!

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Thank you to Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Potash, and Mrs. Miller. You are the kindest and most attentive staff at DHS/DMS!

Everyone please follow and check out Mrs. Allen’s Twitter!

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