Seniors Define their Legacy

Seniors Define their Legacy

by Kacey D., Hailey B., and Mike C.

As the year comes to a close, seniors are reflecting back on the best moments of their year.

Mr. Donovan, the assistant principal for the senior class, loved Senior Night Out and Spirit Week. He admires the sense of serving others that the senior class has.

Mr. Kennedy said, “The senior class has some very unique personalities who are awful lot of fun, and fortunately, most of them are positive leaders as opposed to being negative.” Mrs. Ciccarelli likes the “general pleasant atmosphere of the class.”


Class of 2017 is creative and fun. During spirit week, a group of Senior Boys came up with the idea of tailgating every day before Spirit Week. Seniors had the opportunity to take pictures, hang out, and eat breakfast food brought by the boys. 

#dhsnightclub Photo by Rebecca J.

Senior Amanda L.’s favorite event this year was Senior Night Out. “Not only did we all bond as a grade, but nothing bad happened. It was just overall a good time,” said Amanda. She credits the success of the night to learning from past classes.

Other favorite moments from seniors include Mr. Duxbury, dressing up for Spirit Week, and Senior Breakfast. In a Dragon Flyer survey, voters said Senior Night Out was the biggest success.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.27.45 AM.png

Even the younger classes of DHS have admiration for the seniors. “The seniors are always really funny, such as the Push the Pie in the Face event, which was new but really fun for all of the students,” said junior Brianna C. “They’re definitely overall a really good group to look up to.” 

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