Humans of DHS: Austin D.

Humans of DHS: Austin D.
As always, Austin D. holding the door open

By: Rebecca Jones

Name: Austin D.  (Aka “Dixon”)

Grade: 12

Occupation: Student

Interests: Football, Wrestling, The Military, and Reading

Values: God. Country. Family.

“I fear failure because you go through your life which could end at any point, but if you fail a lot of stuff, you’re going to regret it, and then it doesn’t have as much meaning.”

“My favorite thing about Duxbury High School in the past four years has been the people because there is a lot of different types, although some would argue differently. I love Scott the janitor. He is a really solid dude, and a lot of people don’t understand how much he does for our school, which has been coming around lately, but people need to learn to appreciate them [the janitors].”

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