May/June Parking at DHS

May/June Parking at DHS

Starting on Tuesday, May 30th, Juniors will be able to park in the senior parking spots. The last day of school for seniors this year is May 26th. For Juniors this May/June, there is no sign up, it’s first come first serve. Juniors will not need a Parking pass to use these spots when the time comes.

Sophomores are also allowed to park if they have their license and proper registration, and if they’re lucky enough to find a parking spot.

The parking lot consists of around 300 spots reserved for senior classes in total, and the current Senior class has roughly 255 students. Only around 40 spots are reserved for Juniors, before May 30th.

If one isn’t able to find a parking spot this year, applications to get a parking pass for next year’s senior parking begin in June. Do not consider signing up for a pass without a driver’s license, and check. The exception to this being that you may turn in an incomplete form if you are planning to finish your driver’s test over the summer break.

This is an example of what the passes look like:

Photo on 4-28-17 at 1.53 PM

“The number of seniors is likely to increase to around 300 next year, so most likely there will be little to no spots for Junior’s next year.” Said Mr. Scozzaro.

Mr. Donovan, Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Scozzaro are all in charge of parking at DHS.

In a rare case, Freshmen are also old enough to obtain their driver’s license. Are they allowed to park? The answer to that question will most likely always be no, unless there is a year where very few Juniors and Sophomores park in the lot.

Mr. Scozzaro says “Alternatives, if you’re not lucky enough to find a parking spot yourself, include carpooling, or parking at a friend’s house who may live near the school.”

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